“Message From Chairman”

Not-for-profit Bakhtawar Amin Hospital is a community hospital committed to providing quality patient care that is both professional and affordable. Since 1999, Bakhtawar Amin Hospital has provided excellent health care and has made use of latest medical equipment/instruments, surgical and diagnostic procedures and offered personalized patient care.


I am proud to say that we have excellent clinical and paramedical staff and we are proud to offer personalized care to patients treated in our hospital. We recognize our responsibility towards the community and are devoted to its healthcare needs.


The trustees and staff of Bakhtawar Amin Hospital support the community through subsidized and free treatment – including helping burnt and congenitally deformed children. Bakhtawar Amin Hospital is pleased to help a large number of people from Multan and its surrounding areas by extending modern health care facilities.


The Chairman and Members of the Trust have great confidence and belief that through the joint resources of trustees, existing donors and people / institutions having passion to help the needy and deserving poor patients, the health care facilities of the Trust hospital can be further enhanced to provide services to even more people who are in dire need of assistance.


We look forward for your kind support in this noble venture.