Social Welfare Department Services

Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital

Brief Background:-

The founder Chairman of Board of Trustees Mr. Muhammad Rasheed & all members of the Trust ensured that in order to provide best services to the deserving & eligible patients and to address their medical needs for improvement in their health standards and to protect them from misery of ailment & diseases, they established a proper Social Welfare Department in the hospital.

Formation & Duties of Social Welfare Department Services:-

    Presently following medical treatments are being given to deserving & eligible patients:-


  • Hepatitis –C
  • Dialysis
  • Endoscopy
  • General Treatment & Surgery.
    (Under 100 $ donation package)
  • Eye treatment & Surgery.
    (Under 50 $ donation package)
  • Out Door Patients Services.
  • Burnt and congenitally deformed children.
  • Lab Tests etc.



Proper “SOPs” of the Welfare Department have been developed and implemented to maintain prescribed standards and controls to provide medical services to the patients.


Complete data of the patients is being kept by the department including Photographs & Videos which are available for all donors / general public for their verification & satisfaction that the Donations, Charity & Zakat is being properly utilized for treatment of deserving & eligible patients.


For the last over 18 years since establishment of the “Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Hospital” high quality medical & surgical treatment has been provided to more than 350,000 deserving & eligible patients.


The Chairman & Members of Trust while extending their heartiest thanks to the existing donors, have great confidence & belief that through the joint resources of trustees, existing donors, new donors, community & people having passion to help the needy & deserving poor patients, the health care facilities of the trust hospital will be further enhanced to help deserving & eligible.